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Proactive Pain Management with the ELDOA Method

Whether you’re wishing to address your back pain or optimize your level of fitness, ELDOA is an easy to use system that you can add to your toolbox.  A good option for any ability type, ELDOA exercises are an adjunct to acupuncture treatment and sent home with you to work on in between appointments.

Challenging and simple exercises.  Bring about a change in your health in just 1-5 minutes a day!

What is ELDOA?

ELDOA or Longitudinal Osteo-articular Decoaptation is a form of therapeutic exercise developed to improve spinal health, increase flexibility, and reduce pain and discomfort. ELDOA exercises involve myofascial stretches that target individual spinal segments and are tailored to your unique needs.

An excellent self-care approach, these are some of the changes you’ll notice through practicing ELDOA:

What Conditions is IMS Used to Treat?

Some common musculoskeletal conditions include:

  • Knots and muscle tightness
  • Neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar Fasciitis

More Information About IMS/Dry Needling

Does IMS Hurt?

The needles are extremely fine and relatively painless when inserted into a normal muscle. In trouble areas where muscles are very tight, the muscle will ‘grasp’ the needle and any discomfort you feel is temporary.

Are There Any Side Effects?
The treatment gives your muscles a bit of a workout, so you may feel fatigued after your treatment, and your muscles may feel a little dull or achy. This is only temporary and a heat pack or warm bath is recommended.

How Many Visits Do I Need?
Everybody responds differently to dry needling, but improvements are generally seen after the first session. Some may only need a few sessions, whereas those with chronic long-standing pain will likely need more sessions.

Relieve Pain and Rejuvenate Your Muscles With IMS

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