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Group Acupuncture

Whether in an office or in a private setting, I offer group acupuncture sessions as a wonderful way to recharge and inspire tranquility during a lunch break or after work. I am a registered Acupuncturist and trained Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and have previously hosted acupuncture and live music events in Vancouver and New Westminster. I welcome requests for collaborative events, which can be brought to you or arranged in a suitable space. Learn more about acupuncture services.

Group Acupuncture is Suitable For:

  • Office Environments
  • Meditation Events
  • Sound Healing Events
  • Trauma Healing Centers
  • Recovery Houses


Group Acupuncture in Vancouver

Embodied Wellbeing hosts acupuncture and live music events across Vancouver, B.C.


Upcoming Events

My Rest Community Check-Ins

Looking for community connection and tools for inner resourcing during trying times?  Eight participants are invited to this free event on a drop-in basis over six months. A blend of body-based experiential learning, creative arts exercises and guided meditations will be shared. No prior training or skill-sets are necessary. Just come equipped with your curiosity and courage so that we can create powerful experiences together.

Your facilitators are: Registered Clinical Counsellor, Carly Belzberg and Registered Acupuncturist, Ala Wroblewska.

Register here.

Acupuncture & Sound Therapy


Join Certified Sound Therapist May Globus and myself for a deep nervous system reset with the combined potential of acupuncture and sound therapy.   Both therapies support the better regulation of your nervous system so that your body has an opportunity for rest and repair.  Please check back for future dates.  Event fees qualify for insurance coverage.