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Learn more about the wellness services offered through Embodied Wellbeing. If you have additional questions or wish to discuss the best treatment plan for you, get in touch.


Where Is Embodied Wellbeing Located?

Aleksandra practices out of My Rest Acupuncture at 3456 Main St.  To make an appointment in Mt. Pleasant for acupuncture click here.

Will My Health Benefits Cover Treatment Costs?

For wellness treatments: If you make under $28,000 annually, you are entitled to $23.00 per treatment for up to 10 treatments a year under the medical services plan (MSP). Patients pay the entire fee at the time of their visit and their statement will be sent in online. Many extended health insurance plans cover acupuncture treatments up to $500 annually. Enquire with your company to find out.  Members of the RCMP and veterans qualify for insurance coverage.

Is Direct Billing Offered?

Direct billing for ICBC claims and most private insurance plans is offered at both locations for acupuncture treatment.

Who Are Wellness Services Best Suited For?

Wellness services are for people who are tired of living in pain and discomfort, or wish to achieve optimal wellbeing. Treatments range from Traditional Chinese Medicine offerings like acupuncture and cupping, to Dermapen micro needling. These treatments are used for a wide variety of conditions including muscle pain, injury, and stress, but can also be incorporated into a regular maintenance and self care routine.

I encourage you to explore all Wellness Services to see which would be best for you.

How often should I come in for Acupuncture Treatments?

I encourage clients to work with me over a period of time at regular intervals to keep the unwinding in the nervous system consistent. Depending on what we are working with, you may want to come in for a couple of sessions or you may find yourself needing to come in over the course of several months.