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From Everyday Stress to Trauma, Manage Stress Naturally

Do you have a history of trauma that comes up in unwanted ways?  Perhaps you have suffered the loss of a loved one, a relationship or a goal you had within sight. For some, the everyday burden of modern living can overload the nervous system’s ability to function. These are common situations which people find themselves in.

In a beautifully coordinated way, your nervous system provides output for your physical body and emotional/intellectual engagement with the world. Each time you enter distressing traffic or hold your breath in a moment of anxiety, your nervous system fires up in a specific way. The fight or flight reaction in the nervous system is a familiar response to stress. Many individuals are so good at being in this activated state because their bodies have a difficult time dialing down the fight or flight reaction.

Chinese medicine has been shown to directly impact the nervous system. A constantly shifting relationship between your body and mind exists. This delicate process is taken into consideration when working with you to help you manage stress and anxiety.